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April 5th, 2018


No two people are alike, not even twins! But few have attributes or features so unique that they are actually one in a million or even rarer! These traits don’t often show up, but when they do, they...
November 27th, 2017

Indian Man Breaks Guinness World Record!

India is a diverse country and has come in the limelight on several instance!
This country is also known for its diverse world-records, ranging from the world’s shortest woman to even the la...
July 8th, 2017

10 Unusual Jobs In The World!

Gone are the days when children only had few career options. There is an ocean of opportunities waiting to be explored. There are many unconventional career options available for those who are not cut...
June 28th, 2017

11 Utterly Surprising Ways to Use Table Salt

Salt is one of the most widely used and oldest forms of food seasoning. It’s not very expensive, and it has many great benefits you probably didn’t know about. Take a look at some surprisin...
July 3rd, 2017

8 Indian Cricketers and their Peculiar Superstitions!

Cricketers are a superstitious lot. As if their skills with bat and ball are not enough, they have some very specific superstitions that they believe help them win matches. Those beliefs might not be ...