August 19th, 2021

Unique Places of India

India has a myriad of wondrous sites to see and enjoy. Some locations are thousands of years old, while others are brand new. We've compiled a list of some of the world's most bizarre and e

India is a country with diverse geography, which means it has a wide range of holiday locations to suit all types of travelers.

The summer heat and humidity in India are unbearable, but t

India has diverse and interesting scenery. It is home to a diverse range of cultures and communities. However, the abundance of species seen throughout the country reflects this diversity. A jungle

We commemorate International Level Crossing Awareness Day on June 10th (ILCAD). What is ILCAD, you might wonder? UIC has launched a global campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of level cro

June 8th, 2021

Secrets of Oceans

Every year on 8th June, we celebrate World Ocean Day to educate people about the impact of human actions on oceans. We all know that water covers almost 70% of our planet's surface and is a vit

Since time immemorial, India has been referred to as the "Land of Mysteries" due to the various enigmatic natural phenomena or accentuations associated with its religions and culture.And

April 13th, 2021

Regional New Year

India - the word projects different cultures staying united under one piece of land, where every religion and every culture is celebrated together with love and brotherhood. Generally, the new year

February 2nd, 2021

World Wetlands Day

On 2 February, World Wetlands Day is celebrated aiming to prevail awareness globally that how much wetlands are important for the planet Earth. Do you know what wetlands are and how does it help ou

West Bengal has a multiple-choice to plan a weekend trip. Work, commitments and deadlines make people’s life monotonous and boring. After this pandemic, we all might have learned the importan

Are you taking a flight back home during the pandemic? Do you want to make sure that you get everything right and are ready for it? Well, there are a few preparations that you will have to take fro

India is a very popular tourist destination, with so many places to travel to. But, did you know some of the most popular tourist destinations have their own amazing travelling facts that a lot of

The world is embracing the new normal, maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask at all times, avoiding gatherings and the most difficult one of all, a total ban on travel! 2020 has certainly n

When it comes to capturing history nothing does it better than the museums across the world. On this International World Museum Day, it's time we make a list of the most iconic and historic mus

We are all trapped inside our homes at the moment but it is incredibly tough for people who love to travel constantly. Now, all we can do is daydream about those far away lands and their glorious t

We are all locked inside our homes but our travel dreams are all over the place. So let us not make this time go to waste and make some concrete travel plans after everything falls back into place

India is like a landmine of diverse natural forests, flora and fauna. On this National Wildlife Day let’s take a look at some of the best of the lot:

2020 has plenty of long weekends in-store and what better way to make the most of them than planning short getaways? Here are some of the places that you can give a shot:  

Christmas is round the corner and if you are wondering which cities would be the best when it comes to Christmas celebrations then here are 5 cities in India that you must try out!

Durga Pujo is a time of festivities, but there are many who enjoy a quiet one, away from all the hustle bustle of the crowd in Kolkata. For them going on a short vacation is the perfect option!

Travelling has all new definitions these days with new and exciting elements being added to it every passing day! Now with the wedding season here, there are more than just honeymoons that couples

Summer is here and if you are a travel bug, you are probably already packing your bags! But wait! It’s time that you make your summer travel a little less daunting and a lot cooler! Wondering

Come summers and everyone will be looking for a long getaway, away from the scorching high temperatures and hustle-bustle of the inland-city life. From the lofty peaks in the Himalayas to the Blue

Rishikesh is a small hill station located in Uttarakhand. The location is so serene that it can melt your heart. The perfect blend of culture, tradition and adventure is what a trip to Rishikesh lo

We are polluting the Earth. It is a fact. The Kerala floods, and other natural calamities are a prove to it. The earth is dying. Earth hasn't seen such levels of pollutions since the dinos were

Application of passport has always been a tedious task. However, thanks to our External Affair Minister, Sushma Swaraj, launched a new scheme under which a person can apply for a passport from anyw

Uttarakhand has rolled out free Wi-Fi to connect to the remote villages via hot air balloons! The state is taking an innovative step forward towards digital India.

The Uttarakhand governm

We all want to visit the iconic movie locations once in our life. We love the palace wedding in Ye Jawani Hai Deewani and the beautiful country side and the hills shown in Highway, from Kashmir to Mun
Anthony Clake, an executive at Marshall Wace Asset Management, is the key figure behind Ocean Infinity, the sub-sea exploration company which won the contract to hunt the missing Flight MH370.
India is already known for the atrocities committed by people in various parts and that has made life difficult for women.
Many have the zeal of travelling alone but often cannot secure permission
Most of us, especially the youngsters, who travel on trains and make overnight journeys are always requested by the elderly or women co-passengers to exchange the berth which has been officially assig
Delays are likely to occur if you’re flying in or out of Delhi next week as one of the three runways (11-29) of the IGI airport will undergo renovation for three days starting November 7 at 0001 hrs

Travelling is therapy and we the travel-bugs are in need of it often! Travellers find it difficult to cope up with the ruts of their daily life and travelling is an escape for many. A traveller by

Do the sun, the sky and the waters call you often? Do you feel weak on your knees and an unknown urge pulls you outdoors? Then my friend, wanderlust is what you suffer from! Don’t worry; here is the
It is time to break the walls girls! It is time to break the bubble. Fortunately, India is not confined to one crime page in a news paper. This country has lot to offer other than those Crime Petrol e
The state of West Bengal has lot more to offer than Darjeeling and the City of Joy. While planning a weekend getaway, the main criteria is to go away from the hustle bustle of the city. Going to less
There are certain works of art and architecture that are famous world over. But if you study the history of some of them a little more intently, you’ll find that many of them contain a great deal of
July 10th, 2017


Bengal has lot more to offer apart from the delicious and mouth watering sweets. Bengal is a host to few national parks and beautiful raj baris from the ear of jamindars! Many of them let you stay for
Making plans for your next vacation? While you do so you might want to take these places into account. Here is a list of 7 most beautiful places to see, before they disappear from physical existence,
India is an amazing country filled with mind blowing facts which are not yet popular and known to all people. India is large country in terms of population and land. So, it is difficult for every peop