Now that the Durga pujo festivities have drawn to a close, it is time to gear up for the festival of lights – Diwali! And what is the best way to celebrate Diwali than to deck up your home?

Are you planning on hosting a small wedding reception at home? Want to keep the number of guests limited and celebrate the special occasion with your near and dear ones? Well, one of the most fun p

Are you setting up your own little space? Well, to be honest, to make your home a cosy little space that you would want to back to at the end of the day, you don’t really need an interior des

Are you planning on going green? Well if you are trying to do something good for the environment, then why not begin right at home? Yes, that’s right, now you can try out some really easy and

Good design is considered to be a fusion of styles and functions and the challenge is not just to create something aesthetic, but something that combines form and function in a unique fashion. Inte

We all have our summer body fitness goals to achieve, we change our skin care routine as well, but we forget our homes! Summer is about relaxing and enjoying the season. From cooling interior color

Homes is the place where you can let go and relax. Home is supposed to be comfortable yet it should reveal your personality through the décor and articles. A house should be a reflection of your m
Home is where we all return to relax. We all love to see our abode of peace as something everybody would envy. However, most of times, it is the costly materials and furnishings that make us stay away
Naturally, you want a bright, happy home! In there, comfort, warmth, beautiful decorations and great ambience should radiate a heartening glow.
We bring 5 most common items of home decor that w
What if I could say you can give a new look to your room or your house this summer without making your pockets burn? And all you need are things lying around your house to give your room an instant ma
Salt is one of the most widely used and oldest forms of food seasoning. It’s not very expensive, and it has many great benefits you probably didn’t know about. Take a look at some surprisin