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Life is beautiful! We are in charge of our own pleasure. There will always be serenity in our lives if we are pleased and optimistic about our life. Many of us have burdened ourselves with unnecess

May 31st, 2021

Say No To Tobacco

According to the definition, tobacco comes under the Nicotiana genus and the Solanacea (nightshade) family. There are more than 70 species of tobacco, but N. tabacum is the most common commercial c

International Museum Day (IMD), coordinated by the International Council of Museums, takes place annually at or around 18 May. Every year, the event highlights a particular theme that reflects the

The pen is the tongue of the mind. Cartoonists use pen, pencil and brush as their weapons of native sense of humour and satire that concern the people all over the world. They sketch the reality of

There are amazing Did you Know facts, some of which you might have heard over again and again, but it is interesting to read them again and again.

96 years ago on 3rd February, 1925, a history occurred with the first electric train on the tracks from Bombay VT to Kurla. We all have boarded trains and have sweet and sour memories with us to te

The importance of healthcare has always been a primary one, now more so than ever. There are thus various advancements continuously happening in this particular field and once such innovation is Re

India is putting her best foot forward when it comes to fighting the pandemic. Thanks to some of the brilliant minds at work, India has been able to come up with effective and innovative solutions

The world is going Ga Ga about vaccines these days, especially with the coronavirus pandemic being declared as endemic. While we are still waiting for the required vaccine to hit the stores, here&r

On the 11th of May, every year, India celebrates its National Technology Day. It marks the anniversary of successful testing of the nuclear bombs in Pokhran on 11th May, 1998. Every year, this day

There are a few innovations which have completely changed our lives and one of the most recent ones is definitely Google! And this innovation which came, conquered and changed our lives forever, tu

We live in an age where new technological innovations are an everyday affair. Something new or the other is being introduced in the market for large scale consumption, all aimed towards making life

The 1st part of Baahubali was a major box-office success and left audiences wanting for more.
Baahubali 2 topped Google India's search trends and was also the top Twitter trend in 2017.
With rape cases rising exponentially in India, a 19 year-old girl named Seenu Kumari from Uttar Pradesh, has developed an underwear that she claims is 'rape proof'.