The Viral

Assam Flood

These Pictures are the Epitome of True Indian Patriotism

August 16th, 2017
Since 1 month, Assam has been under floods. However, the way they have celebrated the Independence Day this year is spectacular. Here are some viral pictures from the internet depicting the love of the Assamese for their country, which can put the entire Indian mainland to shame.

No one can beat or deny the fury of nature. But the people of Assam, while they have accepted their plight, they also celebrated the auspicious day the best way they could.

 Naskara Lower Primary School

Among them the photograph which has taken the internet by storm is the picture above, which shows two men, a young and an old, with two children Jiarul Ali Khan and Haidor Ali Khan, whose chests have been submerged by water. The teachers of the Naskara Lower Primary School (school building in the background), Tazem Sikder, Nripen Rabha, Joydev Roy, and Mizanur Rahman were present to make the day a success.