Must Watch Web Series

Must Watch Web Series

October 7th, 2017
Tired of all the typical Saas-Bahu clutter on television? Now ditch that idiot box and switch to the awesome web series that are ruling the internet world!

1. Girl in the City

Girl in the City poster

The title of the story says it all. However, if you really want to keep your interests running, it describes the journey of a curly and big-haired girl named Meera, who moves to Mumbai to rush after her dream of making it big in the fashion Industry, no matter how many stones she might have to turn.

2. Man's World

Man's World

Do you really feel responsible for standing up for the cause of equality for the sexes? Are you indignant about how life is always bent upon giving us shocks in disguise, this is for you. The story goes on to swap Men’s lives with women’s lives and quite suddenly, the world shifts its power dynamics.

3. Permanent Roommates

Permamnent Roommates poster

No web series bucket list would be complete without the mention of Permanent Roommates. It portrays the lives of a long-distance couple and how they travel through odds towards their marriage. The setting of the story is very practical yet funny A must watch for Netizens.

4. Tripling

Tripling Poster

This web series perfectly celebrates the kids we are masked in adult bodies, which gets all the more prevalent when it comes to treating and loving our siblings. We love them, we hate them and we sometimes even hate that we love them. Tripling is about three siblings and their road-trip adventure, which describes how sibling wars is an eternal thing and will never cease to exist.

5. Not Fit

Not Fit

We are all struggling, in our very own way, in different spheres of life, through all our ups and downs, but no one seems to be struggling quite as much as the “struggling actor”, Neerav Kapoor, the protagonist of Not Fit.