Indian Man Breaks Guinness World Record!

Indian Man Breaks Guinness World Record!

November 27th, 2017
India is a diverse country and has come in the limelight on several instance!
This country is also known for its diverse world-records, ranging from the world’s shortest woman to even the largest plastic cup pyramid.

A 23-year-old Indian man hailing from Odisha has once again broken almost a decade old record of stuffing the mouth with maximum number of straws! He inserted a staggering amount of 459 straws, beating the former record-holder Simon Elmore (UK), by a margin of 59 straws!

For the record attempt to be valid, Manoj Kumar Maharana had to ensure that the straws stayed in his mouth for 10 seconds without falling out.
Also he was not allowed to use his hands to hold the straws but only to stuff them in his mouth. He was, however, allowed to use rubber bands to hold the straws in place.

Each straw must have a minimum diameter of 0.64 centimetres.
That multiplied by 459 straws. That's a colossal mouth right there!

Tbh, these records are getting unreal day by day but we should really give him some credits for this mammoth task!

459 straws in the mouth; weird or not?