5 songs to keep you warm and toasty this winter

5 songs to keep you warm and toasty this winter

December 9th, 2019

Are winters ever really complete without the set of perfect songs in your playlist? A hot cup of cocoa, cozy woolens and the perfect songs – are all that you need to make this winter a perfectly warm and toasty one!

Let’s take a look at the top 5 songs, that are a must have for you this winter:

Last Christmas, or this one, this is a classic that you can go back to any time!

For all those bitten by the winter travel bug, here’s one from Bollywood’s old is the gold collection:

Nothing beats the winter woes better than a ray of hope for a better tomorrow. This one's for all looking for a soul soother:

An Elvis fan? Well, then enjoy a romantic winter this time, with this favourite of many:

From your first love to that feeling of nostalgia warming your soul during the winter evenings, nothing pairs better than this track:

Now that you have these songs lined up in your playlist, say hello to a warm and fuzzy winter!