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Inexpensive and innovative ways to decorate your home

October 10th, 2017
Home is where we all return to relax. We all love to see our abode of peace as something everybody would envy. However, most of times, it is the costly materials and furnishings that make us stay away from buying them. However, if you really wish to ramp up the interiors of your house this festive season, here are some of the cheapest options that will give your home a classy touch and turn heads.


Colour your walls

Add hues of colour to your wall. Remember, bright hues go very easily with soft ones, so try experimenting with the concept on alternate colours. Also capture the mood of each room, balcony with different colours. You can also use texture painting to add a unique feel. In addition, you can also try out wall art. You can also add small wooden shelves that appear to be hanging loose from the wall. Fill them up with books or things you like.


Lighting arrangements
Choice of a good lighting arrangement can make or break the entire interior décor of your home. Look out for lights that help you save on electricity yet give off the brightest light. Make sure you choose your lights very carefully. After all, lighting up your house should support sustainable living easier.

Cushions and rugs

Cushions for home decor
Create the ultimate comfort zone with cushions of different shapes and sizes. Make sure that the comfort corners of your home have no less of them. As for the rugs, use old carpets and clothes to make your own rugs. You can also collect some from the local flea market.