Hot Shots of Indian Cricket


June 28th, 2017
Cricket is one of the most loved sports in our country! Even though some of us (girls) did not know the technicalities of the game, we still watched it with keen interest. Why? Because of the handsome players of course! Most of us have grown up watching the game, and remember having crushes on the players. Irrespective of the team they played for, they had our hearts, and we said a silent prayer for them every time they were on the brink of losing a match. We bring to you some of these cricketers we still remember fondly from our childhood. 

1. Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram redefined aggression on the field. This former Pakistani cricketer had us with his smile, and it was difficult to take our eyes off him every time he was on the field. Though he retired from international cricket in 2003, he is still a regular in the commentator's box. 
Wasim Akram

2. Rahul Dravid

It is a rarity for someone to not like Rahul Dravid. Starkly different from his peers and his competitors, Dravid was always unbelievably calm and restrained on the field. Even after retiring, he hasn't been forgotten. He is still the guy we wish we could take back home.

Rahul Dravid in his usual cool

3. Brett Lee

You can't dislike Brett Lee with his dreamy smile and voice. Indians have been long in love with this former Australian bowler, and he has returned this love by singing and acting for us.

Brett Lee with his charming smile

4. Zaheer Khan

  Among the many charming Indian cricketers who had our hearts, Zaheer Khan was the reason so many of us woke up early in the morning and sat transfixed before the television. When he announced his retirement in 2015, many of us stopped watching cricket. Our crush on him remains unaffected and unfailing.  Zaheer Khan working out

5. Kevin Pietersen

This former England captain enjoyed unadulterated adulation from his fans. His aggression, and beautiful face, made him one of our favourite English cricketers. Embroiled in countless controversies, he was always in the news, for good reasons and bad.

Kevin Pietersen with his lovely smile

6. Steve Waugh

  He looked like a hero who had just walked out from the pages of a classic. People across all ages loved this former Australian captain. Waugh is an all time favourite as one of the best looking Australian cricketers. He loves coming back to India, and we are not complaining.

Steve Waugh smiling


7. Adam Gilchrist

This former Australian cricketer was the quintessential 'good guy' on the field, who refrained from sledging. Apart from this, his endearing, bright smile always won us over.

Adam Gilchrist posing with a smile