Dress Like an Adult

Grow Up - How to Dress Like an Adult

September 4th, 2017
So, you feel that age is just a number and it is absolutely fine if you feel so. However, being in your 20s and dressing up like just another college guy does not work in most of the cases. Outfits are a means of communication and the way you dress up is sure to affect how you want to appear before the world. People tend to feel that you are someone who does not definitely want to grow up and start taking responsibilities upon your shoulders. So here are some ways of dressing up as an adult which will change how people see you.

Buy a well-fitting suit

A suit can make or break the entire appearance of a man. It is always better to get one made at the dresser’s but if you prefer the readymade ones, don’t wear it before you get it fitted by professionals.

Nothing’s better than a pair of nice jeans

A good pair of jeans is worth investing in. They may be expensive but it will save many of your days. They should not be too tight or too loose and be perfect for all day wear. Look out for the three criteria – slim fit, sturdy and dark washed and you are all set to go.

Pair up your jeans with nice shoes

Shoes speak out a lot about your character. Your jeans must be teamed up with suitable pair of shoes and make sure they are clean. Dirty shoes are a big turn-off for people who communicate with your daily.

Know when to wear shorts

Dressing like a gentleman does not necessarily mean that you have to ditch those shorts which had always been your favourites. However, you must now when to sport them. Like on a vacation, or at a beach?

Upgrade your t-shirts

You have to seriously give a second thought about keeping those t-shirts you adored so much during those college times. Of course you can wear them when with friends, but go for more neutral shades when you are out for office on Casual Fridays.

Wear your shirts pressed

Sure, this isn’t not what sensible people wouldn’t do, but this article is irrespective of how strong your dressing sense is. Wearing pressed shirts benefits you with an instant level up of look.