Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport Runway Under Renovation

November 1st, 2017
Delays are likely to occur if you’re flying in or out of Delhi next week as one of the three runways (11-29) of the IGI airport will undergo renovation for three days starting November 7 at 0001 hrs to 0007 hrs on the 10th of November. The other two runways (10-28 and 09-27) will tackle the load of the runway which will be under maintenance.
Airlines have cancelled a few flights as capacity of Delhi airport is expected to be reduced by 30% during this period of renovation. Per hour, Delhi airport handles around 65 flights but due to the overhaul for three days, it will come down to 45. Due to the reduced manoeuvre, it has been estimated that around 300 flights will be affected.
Given the upcoming winters and fog season, this period of time was jointly agreed from the perspectives of safety, timeliness and operational dependability.
This discussion was approved by the Airports Authority of India in consultation with the airlines and their schedules.
Delhi airport handles almost 1,150 flights everyday and has an estimated capability of handling 75 aircrafts in an hour, which is the highest in the country.

“It has affected our departures and arrivals into many cities. Unfortunately this is beyond our control. To avoid causing more inconvenience to our customers our teams are working around the clock to accommodate them in other IndiGo flights. Passenger can opt for a cancellation or an alternative flight and can get a full refund for the same,” said an Indigo representative.