5 Beauty Tips for All!

5 Beauty Tips for All!

December 22nd, 2017
Any extreme weather condition can damage your skin.
However, winter is particularly difficult to handle for your skin as the dry wind and chilly weather can make your skin flaky. This goes out to all the sexes.

A regular skincare regimen would hardly help in such times so your skin needs more than your daily dose of pampering and routine, to keep it healthy.
To help you achieve that, here are a few simple winter care tips for your face that you can follow to avoid excessive dryness, flakiness and cracks.
Everyone needs to take care of their skin irrespective of their gender so read on to 5 quick skin tips for this winter!

1) Vaseline is a winter-care basic and EVERY household has one box of it at least! There is a reason why it is famous- because it really WORKS! Apply Vaseline jelly on your lips or skin, to retain moisture! It definitely reduces dryness and traps the moisture in the skin without clogging your pores.

2) A moisturiser is one of the basic items you should invest in during winters!
Moisturise your skin day and night to keep it supple and soft even during winters!
Choose a moisturiser according to your skin-type and it will help you to cope with the cracks and dryness. Moisturiser provides with long-term benefits and should be used by men and women after shaving too!
3) Fruits which are abundantly available during winters should be used as a part of your basic skin-care too!
Your skin doesn’t solely depend on what you apply on it but also upon your dietary intakes! Fruits like oranges, strawberries apples, grapefruit, clementines are a perfect addition to your diet if you want to feel and look healthy at all times during winters. Dry fruits like almonds, cashews and walnuts should be included too for an absolute detoxification of your skin!
Seasonal vegetables aren’t a bad option either! Save and dry out the peels of these fruits and vegetables and then make it into inexpensive home-made face masks or body scrubs as well!
4) Water is always a necessity! No matter the season or the weather, YOU NEED TO drink at least 3-4 litres of water everyday!
During winter, your skin becomes dry and lifeless so water is the ultimate saviour you need! Water detoxifies your body and flushes out all the impurities from your organs.
5) Coconut oil is an essential in every ‘desi’ household. Coconut oil helps in healing mostly everything and is a major cure for skin and hair problems! It It can be used as a replacement of eye-cream, foot cream and also as a hair conditioner!