India’s first biofuel flight lands

India’s first biofuel flight lands

August 28th, 2018

We are polluting the Earth. It is a fact. The Kerala floods, and other natural calamities are a prove to it. The earth is dying. Earth hasn't seen such levels of pollutions since the dinos were wiped out. And our dependency on non-renewable fuels is exactly what has got us in this mess.

However, SpiceJet along with 500 families have found a way to use biofuel to fly aeroplanes, and with further assistance could change the entire air travel scenario in India.

A 72-seater SpiceJet aircraft, partially powered by biojet fuel, took off from Dehradun and landed at the Delhi airport.

The biofuel is made partially from renewable resources such as agricultural residues, non-edible oils and bio-degradable fractions of industrial and municipal wastes, SpiceJet said. Biofuel flights could make air travel cleaner and more efficient, thus drastically reducing the cost of airline operations by reducing the dependency on aviation turbine fuel.

SpiceJet's biofuel is a mix of the oil extracted from the seeds of Jatropha plant and aviation turbine fuel, the airline said. Five hundred farmer families in Chhattisgarh are involved in the production of the partially-refined biofuel used in today's flight.

The biofuel-driven flight comes at a time when spiralling aviation fuel price has strained the finances of domestic airlines. The government will make an environment friendly aviation action plan till 2035, Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu said. "We want to increase the use of biofuel in the country so that there is reduction in greenhouse gas emission and import of petroleum. We will make sure that more and more airlines start the use of biofuel," Mr Prabhu said.

"It has the potential to reduce our dependence on traditional aviation fuel by up to 50 per cent on every flight and bring down fares," SpiceJet Chairman and Managing Director Ajay Singh.