How to Say No?

How to Say No?

October 13th, 2020

Today, one of my friends asked me to accompany her to the market. I was not in the state of going anywhere, but how to avoid her being rude?

Most of the time we face this dilemma of what to do. According to the present situation, I have three options:

~ First, simply say no and end the conversation.

~ Second, say no and feel guilty about it for being rude.

~ Third, say yes and sacrifice your own time.

How to Say No?


The word 'no' may feel aggressive because you are rejecting a person. That person might feel bad and most people do not want to tag as an aggressor. After rejecting, we always think about the person whom we have rejected, which makes us more guilty. As a result, people choose the path of the least potential conflict and do what others say.

How to Say No?

Saying 'no' is not difficult, we just need the right approach to say it.

- Don't offer weak excuses or delay the matter. Give a short reason because the less you talk is better for you.

How to Say No?

- Be assertive and courteous while saying no because your politeness can change the dynamic.

- Don't let the social pressure hound on you.

How to Say No?

- Always set boundaries and let people be aware of your timelines and schedules.

-Be firm and put your needs first.