5 Mistakes Men Should Avoid while Wearing a Suit!

5 Mistakes Men Should Avoid while Wearing a Suit!

October 30th, 2017

A well-tailored suit has the capacity of turning heads and hearts in a room. Suits are never out of trend and with the ever-growing fashion industry, suits have also faced changes in appearance. Plaids, polka-dots, textured and pastels have been doing the rounds in the fashion industry and every man owns at least one set. If you’re one of the men who don’t even own one set, please hurry up and do so as soon as you can! Buy a basic charcoal black for starters because it goes with everything! Suits spell class and fashion all at the same time.
Suits are a common set of clothing but not everyone can carry it off with grace and ease.
These 5 mistakes should be avoided while wearing a suit:
1. Don’t let your jacket sleeve swallow the sleeve of your shirt! Your shirt sleeve should peep out from your jacket at least 0.5” or else the suit will be termed as too loose. This gives out a clumsy look which should be avoided at any cost.


2. Let the pants end at your ankle and it shouldn’t seem too long for your legs. It should peacefully be in sync with your socks and shoes.


3. Tailoring the suit exactly according to the size of your shoulders look perfect! If the shoulder of the suit extends your shoulders, you’ll end up looking scrawny and hunched.

s3rd Mistake

4. Make sure that your suit has clean lines and no extra fabric here and there. Loose fabric around the pocket areas can make you look heavier than you are which also crunches the fabric and the fall.


5. Your jacket’s collar should stay on your shirt collar. There should be minimal gap or else it’ll probably look like you can’t button your suit because maybe it is small in size.

Collar gap

Also men should always remember that it's always acceptable to fasten the middle button on either a two or three button jacket. When sitting remember to unfasten all the buttons because that is the basic suit decorum. Your tie should just reach the belt or waistband of your pants, not shorter and definitely not longer. Your suit should always be darker than your shirt and a the tie can be used to colour-block or complement.