10 Things You Will Relate to if You're a Traveller By Heart!

October 30th, 2017

Travelling is therapy and we the travel-bugs are in need of it often! Travellers find it difficult to cope up with the ruts of their daily life and travelling is an escape for many. A traveller by heart is the person who can’t wait to pack his bags and with hopes of adventure and fun, set out on a random journey!

Here is a list you’d relate to if you have the fleeting feet syndrome:

1. You’re always saving up: You’d rather save up your cash for a trip you’ve been wanting to go to than buying expensive things or visiting exorbitant places. You have a different savings account for trips altogether.


2. Airports or Stations make you excited: These places signify that you’re gonna be travelling somewhere and the hustle-bustle around makes you even more excited. The innumerable passengers sliding their bags across and around you creates the aura of escapes and goodbyes.


3. You’re a pro at packing: Packing doesn’t take you long and you know exactly what will be in your bag and where and how you’ll keep it. You always have a mental list prepared about your travelling essentials.

Pro at packing

4. You are always excited about cheap ticket offers and deals: You are signed in on all the apps which give you the best offers and deals and the mere notification rings bells in your heart.


5. You have bookmarked travelling websites and articles: Instagram, Pinterest and all the apps which are related to travelling are highly used by you. You have all the travel related apps in your phone. Sometimes you’ve also thought of becoming a travel blogger and you’ve saved all the aesthetic pictures for you to recreate later.


6. You’re no stranger to waiting rooms: Waiting is a part and parcel of travelling and you’re no stranger to sleeping on benches or poor quality of tea or coffee just to make it through the night or day.

Waiting Room

7. Cancelled trains and flights make you sulk: The feeling of unpacking without travelling anywhere is the worst feeling ever. You also dread the winters because of the heavy fog which leads to cancellations and reschedulings.

Cancelled flights

8. You’re the go-to person for any sort of travelling advice: Your friends trust your advice more than Google because they know you’ve visited a lot of places or at least have researched about it extensively.

Go to
9. You show-off your passport stamps and tickets with pride: You have an elaborate fetish for collecting passport stamps and tickets and you treasure it as souvenirs. Pride

10. Your bucket list keeps hitting the roof: You keep on adding to your list and are often overcome by thoughts of not being able to ticking off every place. Your list is never short of places to visit.

Travelling makes you unravel facts about yourself; a clearer picture of your own self. It provides you with insights of other people, situations and places. Your perceptive powers amplify and in the end, you have great stories to tell.