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Unusual Jobs In The World

10 Unusual Jobs In The World!

July 8th, 2017
Gone are the days when children only had few career options. There is an ocean of opportunities waiting to be explored. There are many unconventional career options available for those who are not cut out for the typical 9-5pm job! However it might pay you that well but once you hit it off it could be real fun and out of the box careers with a bright future.

Youngsters are now looking for more thrilling jobs may be because traditional jobs are more difficult to find and don’t attract the restless generation, who is always on their toes!

Following are a list of the unconventional career options for all those who are willing to break the stereotypes!

Dance Therapists

Dance therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance to support intellectual and emotional functions of the body.. Rather than teaching dance, therapists try to assess the individual's needs and issues. Then they initiate and help develop movement patterns, taking off from the physical-emotional-intellectual level of their clients. People with background in dance and psychology can opt for this exciting career option.

Dance Therapist

Marine and Oceanography

What lies beneath is something that excites everyone! And that's what oceanographers and marine biologists do for a living. They cover a wide range of topics including marine life and ecosystems, ocean circulation, plate tectonics and the geology of the sea floor, and the chemical and physical properties of the ocean. Biological oceanographers and marine biologists study plants and animals in the marine environment.


Wildlife Conservation

Most people think that there is an abundance of wildlife species in the world, but the truth is, their numbers are dwindling and if nothing is done about it, these species might become endangered and extinct. To preserve wildlife we need wildlife conservationists!



Pet Groomers

In this busy chaotic world, it gets very difficult to find personal time for our pets and that's when we need pet groomers to take the lead. Also, if you love animals, it's a great career option for you. You are required to enhance hygiene and appearance of pets, mostly cats and dogs but sometimes even rabbits and horses, using a variety of grooming techniques. Pet groomers are in high demand as more and more pet owners look for professional care and maintenance of their pet's health and well-being.

Pet Groomers

Wine Tasters

Indians love to drink wine and therefore there is a need for a wine professional or sommelier who can help in understanding the different types of wine and help pair wines with specific foods. Wine tasters also help choose wines for various restaurants that would go well with their menu. Another interesting option is to organize wine tasting tours in vineyards in India. Wine experts can also write articles on wines for lifestyle magazines. 

wine Taster

Personal Shoppers

Imagine if you could get paid for shopping. Won't that be absolutely fantastic? Well, hiring a 'personal shopper' is the new rage. For instance, many a times, while organizing a wedding, we often find ourselves at the lack of time and find it difficult to coordinate shopping with other activities. That's when personal shoppers come in handy. They help you decide the look for an occasion, keeping in mind your style and help you shop. It's like being a stylist and a shopper, all at one! 

Personal Shoppers


A chocolatier is an expert who makes confectionery from chocolate. A chocolatier is a type of chef that specializes in chocolate and can craft a wide range of ridiculously tempting chocolates.



Bartending as a career falls under the food and beverage department of hospitality and tourism industry. The work includes creating and demonstrating cocktails and mocktails using alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages/syrups and much more.



If you love marine life and get excited at the idea of spending hours deep inside the ocean, it will be worthwhile to try this as a profession.


Game designer

Most of us love to play games and spend hours on end playing games. Gaming is one of the largest segments of the entertainment industry and a multibillion dollar one, flourishing widely across the world

Game Designer
Dream Job? Go for it!.