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Vijaya Pastala

Under The Mango Tree

August 1st, 2017
Driven by debt more and more farmer suicide and many go unreported! Each and every one of us read about the tragic deaths of these innocent farmers yet we don’t take a step to make their lives easier and better. Maharashtra is home not only to the stars, but to highest number of farmer suicides every year!

All heroes don't wear capes. Today, we'd like to share a truly inspiring story of one woman's idea sparked a social movement , Under The Mango Tree, which empowers women and families who face the harsh realities of rural farming in India.

Meet Vijaya Pastala, a social entrepreneur committed to developing sustainable solutions to improve the lives of marginalized Indian farmers. While on a trip to apple orchard in rural India, she learnt of the bond between bees, agricultural yields and single flower honey. Her curiosity raised a question which changed the lives of more than 17000 farmers and still counting; what if the farmers were trained to add bee boxes on the farm. That would facilitate cross pollination and increase crop yields drastically and also give them honey!

Vijaya Pastala, the co-founder of Under the Mango Tree
Vijaya founded Under The Mango Tree(UTMT) along with Sujana Krishnamoorthy, to promote bee keeping as a way to farmers to enhance their income and increase productivity.

First, UTMT trains farmers in bee keeping and helps then equip their farms with bee keeping units. The farmers are also trained to collect honey which the bees produce. UTMT packages and distributes the honey through stores across India and also via Amazon.

The honey sales give the farmers and their family a second source of income and a financial security they never had.

A simple question raised and thousands of lives are now being empowered!

Kudos to UTMT team!