Top 7 TV shows you can binge watch anytime

Top 7 TV shows you can binge watch anytime

May 15th, 2019

We are flooded with series these days on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but the good old Television shows have a charm of their own. There are quite a few series that you can binge watch, anytime, anywhere and you will get gripped into the beauty of TV series. May it be funny, sarcastic or horror, there are some shows which have a timeless appeal.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 TV shows that you can literally binge watch whenever you want:


  • What is it about: Okay, so everyone has heard about this one! First aired on September 22, 1994 it went on for ten years and ended on the May 6, 2004. The show traces the life of 6 New Yorkers from their late 20s to their late 30s and how they navigate through life, of course with a twist of classic American humor.

Why watch it: If don’t mind catching a stitch in your side during bouts of laughter, then you should definitely go for this one.

Top 7 TV shows you can binge watch anytime


  • What is it about: This is a show (aired from July 5, 1989 to May 14, 1998) which stars Jerry Seinfield actually talks about his life as a comedian. If you want a theme, a plot, then well, there isn’t any. It’s just a series of simple day to day occurrences.

Why watch it: Interested in some rib cracking humour? Well, you know the answer!

Top 7 TV shows you can binge watch anytime

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • What is it about: Remember the trying days of high school? Throw in some supernatural elements along with it and you have a show running from March 10, 1997 — May 20, 2003 of immense popularity.  

Why watch it: This show is high on supernatural tension and high school drama, which makes it quite gripping.

Top 7 TV shows you can binge watch anytime

Desperate Housewives

  • What is it about: This series airing from October 3, 2004 – May 13, 2012¸ talks about the lives of some housewives of Wisteria Lane who while juggling their family lives, juggle instances of murder, arson, blackmail and what not!

Why watch it: If mystery and a lot of tension is what you prefer with of course an awesome cast, this is the show to binge on.

Top 7 TV shows you can binge watch anytime

Breaking Bad

  • What is it about: All hell breaks loose when an uptight and upright man is diagnosed with cancer and he truly starts living his life! Running from January 20, 2008 — September 29, 2013, this is definitely a high rated binge worthy series.

Why watch it: Devil may care adventure is what this show boasts of with interludes of deep messages, this is a fun show to watch.

Top 7 TV shows you can binge watch anytime

The Simpsons

  • What is it about: This animated television series is about the family, Simpsons. A sarcastic take on the modern American political and social scene, this show is a long running one starting from December 17, 1989 till present.

Why watch it: If you dig sarcastic and political humour, then you cannot afford to miss this.

Top 7 TV shows you can binge watch anytime

Game of Thrones

  • What is it about: As the name says, this series is about a long tussle between many families to finally gain control over the seat of power. Starting from April 17, 2011 — present, this is one of the most popular and opulent shows ever to be aired.

Why watch it: Whether you watch it or not you cannot ignore it! Drama, tense and inherent knack of being sinister, this series is really a must watch.

Top 7 TV shows you can binge watch anytime

So get your popcorn buckets and sodas ready for a binge worthy show of your choice!