date tips for men

Tips for a Wonderful First Date for Men

August 29th, 2017
Guys do certain things on first dates that we wish they never would. It seems inevitable that we’re going to experience these things time and time again.
Therefore, we have come up with an easy-to-use guide for all the single guys out there. Follow this and you will be pretty much guaranteed a second date.

Don’t be overly confident

When you’re too confident, that crosses over into arrogance, and we really don’t like that. Of all the first date tips for men, we think this is one is the most important. Sure, we like a confident, secure guy and we don’t want someone who’s scared of his own shadow. But we don’t want to go out with someone who thinks he is 100 percent perfect and the coolest person in the world. Pass.

Don’t be a conversation hog

Another one of the crucial first date tips for men that we want to spotlight? That would be guys who hog the conversation. Please don’t do this. It should be obvious that on a first date, both of us should be able to talk equally, but unfortunately, sometimes it’s not that clear. We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of just sitting there, nursing our wine, wondering when our date is going to let us get a word in edgewise.

Don’t talk about off-limit subjects

We know that we shouldn’t talk about our ex-boyfriend, how much we want to get married, and what we’re going to call our children. But sometimes guys don’t seem to know that there are off-limit first date topics because they end up bringing up their exes in almost every sentence.

Ask us about our job

We really love our careers, so if we could emphasize another one of our first date tips for men, it would be this one. Please, please, please ask us some questions about our job. We will be glad that you took the time and the effort to ask us, and we will think that you care enough to find out more about us (so hopefully you do).