Ungli Uthana Fit Hai Boss

Ungli Uthana Fit Hai Boss

May 20th, 2019

#UngliUthanaFitHaiBoss was a socially responsible campaign undertaken by Dollar Bigboss to urge the citizens of India to go and exercise their voting rights this election.

It primarily catered to the young and first time voters. Social media plays a very important role in influencing the youth and is a great way to create awareness. As per data, currently 430 million Indians own a smart phone. Half a billion of them are using the Internet and 300 million are on Facebook.

It has been found that not all Indians cast their vote. The youth of the county are often better informed, more educated and tech-savvy than others but still don’t exercise their right to vote. This percentage of non-voters affects the entire election statistics. As per census, in the 2014 polls, some 280 million Indians did not vote.

This campaign is designed to make people realise that this is the time to raise their finger against the deteriorating conditions of the country, instead of just sitting at home and complaining about them. Its urging them to get up and exercise their right to vote, and in doing so they will be taking a positive step for themselves and the country.

In order to establish #UngliUthanaFitHaiBoss, three videos have been created to connect to the target audience. Non Celebrity artist were taken so that the common man can relate and connect with the cause. Radio was also used to popularise the campaign and reach out to the target audience.


  • Dollar Industries created a series of digital videos for Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.
  • Whatsapp sticker, Facebook frames were also designed.
  • Popular Newspapers were identified and paper gloves as Insertation were distributed across India
  • T-Shirts were distributed pan India through online and radio contests.



As of 7th May 2019, total campaign results were as follows: 

1) Total Campaign reach- 200 Million 

2) Total True Views on YouTube- 18 Million 

3) Total Video Views on Facebook- 12 Million 

4) Total Campaign Engagement- 20 Lakh+


  • Conversations began on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others
  • Hashtag got popularized and was used in memes across social media platforms – Like Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp
  • Stickers were used over WhatsApp, and people were submitting selfies & photographs using the paper glove insertions & T-shirts.
  • People used & shared their Profile Pictures Using Facebook frames designed with #UngliUthanaFitHaiBoss